Electronic R&D

Development of SMPS, Class-D, DSP, microprocessor and of course analog audio design and reliable PCB layouts. Comprehensive sample testing and validating. Here you can already choose from a range of existing proven designs, or start a new design.

Mechanical Design

Transforming concept ideas into producible parts and components. Plastic injection, aluminum and zinc die-cast, sheet metal processing and woodworking designs are handled efficiently.

Speaker R&D

In depth understanding of high efficient and reliable speaker designs. Utilizing modern measurement and testing equipment as well as common sense, provides us with a very good cost effectiveness.

Production Engineering

Our PE assures that the final designs can be produced consistently reliable referring quality, cost and time. They are the important feedback-loop to R&D for further improvement. They also support the design of service parts and components, with a focus on easy and trouble free serviceability.

Quality assurance

Supervising materials and process of products starts at our suppliers and does not end when the product is packed and shipped. Speaker Electronic also provides certification process support with external laboratories, regarding all kinds of applicable certifications like safety, environmental and reliability.

Materials procurement

Our factory carefully checks and approves suppliers for all parts and materials, especially electronic components. Many of the PA-speaker surface coating options, like zinc plating, powder coating and painting plastic parts is handled by long time standard industry partners in our supply chain.

PMC/shipping department

More and more customers have high requirements referring logistic support. Real world procurement, planning, manufacturing and in time shipping is a daily challenge for a competitive OEM manufacturer and we do our best to support you also in this respect.


All the above is only possible if all departments involved can work together with as little friction as possible. Transferring clear and comprehensive information between customer and the responsible team members is mandatory. Of course you will always receive honest and qualified information about what we can and what we cannot do. We use all modern communication channels, including Teamwork, a cloud based project collaboration software. It also helps that we have little employee fluctuation and not few of us are not only colleagues, but friends.